Monday, 1 March 2010

Spike's Baptism

Spike, Consort to the Mountain Goddess, was first made as a wax positive, candle wax, about two years ago.

There was an attempt at a bronze pour of a copy, but that effort failed.

Spike was first invested in a thin layer of plaster and then surrounded by an earth and wallaby dung outer. This was some months ago, which means the investment was very, very dry before it was burnt out and the wax lost to the flames.

So it only took a couple of hours tending an open camp fire with fallen branches, before I up-ended the mold and poured molten pewter into it. It worked well. Unlike the one I did the week before when I didn't let the mold cool down a little and it leaked into my packed sand.

Art is basically a form of consumption and I try to limit the environmental impact of what I do as much as possible. And while I am making devotional dolls for the Mountain Goddess, I don't think she actually likes art as fetishistically shiny-shiny. I re-use pewter, use and source as much material as I can get (like the chicken wire in the investment) from tip and second-hand shops. Using an open fire is very crude but it means I can use a more sustainable energy source, the trees in my backyard.