Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Map of Tasmania Consort, added to Saatchi-Online

Well, belatedly, I've discovered Saatchi-Online Gallery. It's got too much, from crits to book promotion, a gazillion adds, three columns twenty feet deep. It's like myspace for art, i.e. messy reloading shit, but I do have a presence there now with the Map of Tassie consort (above), and the Deep-toed Consort. (Saatchi-Online's thumb nail generator is very annoying, particularly with my images, as the statuette photos have such strong lines.)

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Casie Stewart said...

Your sculptures are cool. I 've been to Tazzie. I visited Hobart a couple years ago and also drove around to the convict settlement. Very beautiful! We got our car stuck in the snow top of one of the mountains which, being Canadian, i found to be hilarious in Australia

I've got a daily blog at http://casiestewart.com maybe you like. I'm on Twitter also @casiestewart. Keep up the aweosme work!

meika said...

(And if you want to see Map of Tassie in the flesh, so to speak, you can see him at the Magnolia Cafe in South Hobart, should you fly back anytime soon).