Monday, 6 April 2009

Deloraine Adonises, nearing their investment

I am having a few problems getting these two brothers from Northern Tasmania into their final form, before investment. The wax figures have been hollowed to 5mm or so, then a plaster and sand core poured in. Nails will be used to hold the core in place when the wax is melted out of the investment.

They are Consorts to the Mountain Goddess, which in their case it must be Quamby Bluff.

The one with its bum to us has been officially named, "Are you blaming this on our generation?"

The other one I am not so sure. Perhaps a string of curses.

They are less abstract than the previous consorts, and double the size, required a core to save metal. Hopefully this will lead to fewer incidents of back strain.

The advice came in to do bigger pieces, do finer features, I think took this on board to mean more naturalism, but the next advice was, well, 'Your abstract forms..."

As I am interesting primarily in the symbolic, the naturalism/abstract conversation is of little interest to me. The symbolic is where we do our thinking after all, and truth and beauty are just teases....

It is my interest in the symbolic that leads me to prefer artefacts to art. I want to make artifacts, and so make the symbolic substantial, even if they then need a core to make them safe for bad backs.

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